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Carl Jung talked about the morning and afternoon of life - which I am calling "Living Your Life with Purpose and Meaning." They are different between men and women. The morning of your life - the first part of your life when you are growing up and taking on the lessons that your parents taught you. There are 5 characteristics for both men and women in the morning of their life and there are 5 characteristics for the afternoon off life.

Men in the morning of your life here are the top 5 priorities:

  1. Wealth
  2. Adventure
  3. Achievement
  4. Pleasure
  5. Be respected.

Men in the afternoon of your life:

  1. Spirituality/relationship to God (before, very low on the list)
  2. personal peace
  3. family
  4. God's will
  5. Honesty.

Women in the morning of their life:

  1. family
  2. sense of independence
  3. career
  4. fitting in
  5. being attractive.

Women in the afternoon of their life they valued:

  1. Personal growth
  2. self-esteem
  3. sense of spirituality
  4. happiness
  5. generosity

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