Heupel's Healing Hands


Mary Ann, an 86-year old woman comes in and complains that she can’t stand long enough to wash her dishes without sitting down her back hurts so bad. I tell her I make no guarantees whether or not I can help her with her issue. She said, “let’s try.”

I perform a Reiki treatment and a few days later I called her to check in on her. I ask her how she’s feeling. Her response was that she was able to stand up and wash all of her dishes and clean her house without sitting down once! I was so overjoyed by hearing this.

She came back 8 weeks later stating she should have come a couple of weeks earlier and then I didn’t see her for another year.

Many times, a person will have to do a few sessions to be totally relieved.

Another person that I touched with Reiki energy had migraines. I touched her head for a few minutes and never saw her again – she didn’t have any more migraines.

A lady that was part of my parish had back issues. She had young children at the time and couldn’t make it to physically touch her so I did it via distance healing. While it didn’t help heal her back issues, she was able to relax and get good night’s sleep.

Everyone that has come to me has been helped in some form and fashion whether for the particular ailment or for something else.

Sometimes, people just need to be touched. We are touched a lot when we are babies and toddlers but somewhere along the way we don’t touch even our own family. People are starved for touch. I can assist in that dimension of healing also.

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