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What is “Healing-On-Demand?”

It’s a series of videos that feature an element in nature. Nature is what you see when you are outside. The trees, the birds, the squirrels, water, etc. So, “healing-on-demand” takes one of these elements in nature, explains what it is and what the energy is behind the element and then has a three-minute drumming track as you take this element with you on your short healing journey.

Upon successful registration, you will be returned to the Login Welcome page, where you can click a button to pay through PayPal and get your first video within a few hours! You MUST register for an account at PayPal for Membership to validate.

The reason I created this is because everyone is super busy, people want healing, they don’t have time to come to an appointment because they are too busy with their career, family and home life. Try to put all of that together in a day and it’s a hectic life.

You do get two 15-minute breaks – legally in your workplace and they have to give you at least 30-minute lunch break.

You can get your healing done within a 15-minute break.

Each month, like clockwork, you will be receiving two new healing sessions that you can use, along with any previous videos you have received. And the investment is only $9.95 per month.
I would advise you to not do a healing session while driving. In these healing sessions I say, “If you are able, please close your eyes for the healing session.”

Thank You!

Working with Small and Medium Sized Businesses

I am open to freelancing my healing services for those businesses who are wanting to save money on health care costs, cut sick days and save on insurance.

Contact me today for more information.

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