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Our @United Methodist Church denomination just had a vote to not allow the LGBTQIA community a warm welcome. They have voted against the alternative lifestyle participants no right to be married in that denomination and to not ordain the alternative lifestyle people in that denomination. This makes my soul hurt. I belong to the @United Church of Christ and am an ordained minister in the UCC. The UCC believes in an extravagant welcome, we believe that “God is still speaking” and we will ordain anyone who is called into ministry – no matter their sexual orientation.


What do you stand for in your #business #management #personal #spiritual decisions? Are you having a hard time accepting yourself where you are in this world? You don’t have to have an alternative lifestyle to be confused about what to do next in your lifetime. By the time we enter our 40s and 50s we have scratched off the list all the things we wanted to accomplish in our 20s and 30s. We come to find out, none of those things are important anymore.


We want to and are excited to discover more about ourselves. In our 40s and 50s we are transitioning from having children in the home to having children off at college or perhaps on their own starting their career. You are not needed on a daily basis even though your relationship with your children is solid.


Now what? You are looking for the next venture or adventure. You are looking for your purpose in life now and one full of meaning. “How to Live Your Life on Purpose and with Meaning from Midlife & Beyond”, will cover this. www.heupelshealinghands.com/shop


We will look at where you have been, what your values were in the early stage of your life but now you are transforming and just need a little nudge. You need a guide to ask yourself  questions to make you think about what you want next in life.


Life is all about transitions. If you have parents living yet, you see their transition as they age. When you were young, they took care of you. As they age, they tend to look to their children for help and assistance. You desire to help but not to the point of being an enabler. You still have your own life and you want to live it fully.


Why not take the plunge and order your course? It is a guide, you get to do the hard work and think through the questions and be honest with yourself.  www.heupelshealinghands.com/shop



The one thing to conquer in this life is ourselves. We are our own worst enemy. Let’s get out of that rut, shall we? Buy your course today www.heupelshealinghands.com/shop.


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