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I just had this experience this past Saturday. I was driving from Wilmington, NC to Minneapolis, MN. I had just crossed the border from West Virginia into Ohio. I had to stop for gas an drove into town. I exited and thought I'd come back out that way. Makes sense, right? So, I find gas, fill up, and GPS is telling me to turn before I get up to the interstate to turn on. I thought, "Hmm, I'm not going to listen to this GPS. It doesn't know what it's doing!" I don't listen. I go on my own merry way and lo and behold! There is no on ramp. I have to take the on ramp going the wrong way.

I decided to have a little talk with God. God said, 'You chose to do this because you thought you knew better. You didn't know better, Teresa, did you? Nope. This is a great metaphor for life. GPS stands for Global Positioning System. I call it the "God Positioning System."

I drove about 3 miles the wrong way to get going the right way. I only had 1300+ miles to drive that day. It was a long day with windshield time. I did make it home 22 1/2 hours later.

We can choose to go our own way or we can listen to our GPS navigator which will take us to where we want to go.

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