Heupel's Healing Hands
How are yourbusinessmanagementrelationships in comparison with yourpersonalrelationships? Many people have one of these down pat and the other is suffering. Would you like to know about yourself so that you can have betterrelationships in all areas of your life?Business suffers or thepersonallife suffers when we are not in touch with our authentic self.Management in any area of life goes away because we have disconnected or disassociated with some aspect of ourselves. Would you like to know how to get your life andbusiness management back on track? "How to Live Your Life on Purpose & with Meaning from Midlife & Beyond" will discuss just that. In midlife we tend to lose our way and ask that same question we did when we were teenagers, "What am I doing here? What is my purpose?" Find out now by ordering your course today! To place your order, go to www.heupelshealinghands.com

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