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When I watched “Fantastic Beasts” they asked the question, “Are you alive?” Not in the physical realm – of course you are because you are reading this, but are you alive in your spirit? Are you fully conscious of each and every day and all the gifts and opportunities that await you? Many people are not aware – this would be termed “soul loss.” You have lost contact with what you really want to do and need to do to feel fully alive.


There are so many people who don’t feel like they are living their reality. Their dream has not yet become manifest. There is a yearning in your soul to be who you really are.


Have you lost that dream? Do you need a bit of assistance to help you realize what your dream is today? To come home to your soul once again?


There are many changes that happen in lives in the early part of our lives and as we age, we realize that we have changed – sometimes drastically.


Perhaps the dream you had as a child is not the same dream you have today.


You are resonating with this and need to find out what your dream is now. There is a soul yearning to come out and become alive and free – finally!


There are different values between men and women. The things men believe are important and their focus in their early years usually change as they get older and start exploring more about themselves.


Women focus on different values than men. Their focus in their earlier years is what they were brought up to do. Women also have a yearning and know there is something more. There is a calling tugging at their heart strings. They have also lost their way.


If this resonates with you and you need some assistance to come back “home to your soul,” there is a course for men and a course for women that will assist you in this process.


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