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Have you hit your ceiling yet on what you can do in or for your #business? Are you looking for ways to improve yourself and your bottom line?


When we are young, we are raised with certain expectations depending on whether we are male or female. We live into those expectations and characteristics. As we grow older, we know there is more. More fulfillment in our lives yet we can’t quit put a finger on it.


“How to Live Your Life on Purpose & with Meaning from Midlife & Beyond” discusses just that. This course will guide you from where you are now in your life and #business and move you toward more fulfillment in your life, thus, your #business with move in alignment with your growth.


We can experience a quantum moment. Quantum moments or epiphanies are admittedly very important in one’s life as they bring enlightenment and transformation.


A quantum moment has four qualities as described in the book Quantum Changes: When Epiphanies and Sudden Insights Transform Ordinary Lives by Miller and C’de Baca:


  1. It is vivid and intense; once one experiences a quantum moment, it stays with him/her forever.
  2. It is surprising, unexpected, uninvited and unforeseen: it comes from a collaboration of synchronicity and serendipity that astonish people; for one to experience a quantum moment. He/she needs to surrender, he/she needs to be ready and then the quantum moment. Dr. Dyer supports that a quantum moment happens often after a fall in life.
  3. It is benevolent: peaceful and blissful, serene.
  4. It is enduring: it never goes away.


Isn’t it time for you and your #business to experience a quantum moment? It is time to raise your ceiling in life and #business.


To order your course today, go to www.heupelshealinghands.com/shop.

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