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I ask this question because in this day and age we still have issues around the LGBTQIA community. I was in conversation with a checkout clerk and we were having a discussion about church and I told her my church is very open and affirming to all walks of life. She said that was good to know because her church excommunicated her because she has an alternative lifestyle.


I am also aware that some teenagers that tell their parents are not welcomed with open arms. In fact, some of these parents tell their children they are not welcome to live under the same roof anymore. We have homeless teens because of this.


Is this the “Christian” thing to do? God/Jesus never turned anyone away. Since Jesus went to the cross, we now live under the umbrella of grace – not law. There is no sin in being who we truly are.


If we are to live authentically, we must accept ourselves the way we are. If that includes having an alternative lifestyle, so be it. There are more issues when we try to be something we are not.


Same in #business and #management. If we work in a job or career that we are ill-suited for, then we become discouraged and are not fulfilled.


Are you looking for fulfillment in life but not sure where to start? “How to Live Your Life on Purpose & with Meaning from Midlife & Beyond,” discusses this. This course will lead you to think about your life now and what you have lived through thus far, and will lead you into a transformation and then the values change in the transformation process.


There are five values before transformation and five values after transformation. They differ greatly. The values that happen when transformed didn’t even make “the list” beforehand.


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