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You have many skills because of your status in your company. You yearn for purpose and meaning now that you are in your midlife & beyond. Perhaps you could move into a not for profit business. You have the skill sets that are very much needed in this setting. You have enough money so the salary is not an issue.


You are not quite sure about that type of move. You are wanting to explore more about that. “How to Live Your Life on Purpose & with Meaning from Midlife & Beyond” course will ask you questions that will stir your thinking. It will look at your past and see what shows up as patterns in your life – both the positive and perhaps the not-so-positive. In order to move forward, you must take stock to see where you are now and why you are where you are.


We all have our preconceived ideas about people. We may think that because a certain person grew up in a certain way they act in a certain way. What happens is we find out that the story we created is all wrong. Nothing of the sort happened the way we thought. This also relates to your memories of yourself as a child. Things are not always what they seem.


Why not purchase this course and see what shows up for you? You may find many delightful surprises and “aha” moments. It could very well be a “breath of fresh air”. Someone to affirm where you are and even more to affirm where you want to go.


Your motivations are different that the next person’s. The reasons you do things will be different – even different from your partner.


Go down the road to delightful surprises! You will turn out to be totally transformed! Buy the course, “How to Live Your Life on Purpose & with Meaning from Midlife & Beyond” today at www.heupelshealinghands.com/shop.


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