Public Speaking

I am a public speaker talking about the journey from seizures to wholeness. I will be addressing the medical and the alternative ways in which to heal. The journey was 28 years and many lessons were learned. Learn more about what I have to say by booking me for your...

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Ah’s and Um’s

I have recently joined Toastmaster's International which has been around since 1924. It is an organization that helps its members communicate better and become a better leader. One of the roles that a member plays is the grammarian and the grammarian counts the Ah's...

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New Contact Phone Number

I have moved to the Twin Cities in Minnesota and have left Bismarck, North Dakota. My new address to come for healing is 340 W Eagle Lake Dr. Maple Grove MN My phone number has also changed from a 701 area code to 612-295-5299. Please make note of this BEFORE you...

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Are you under-earning because of your clutter?

Are you under-earning because of your clutter?   Clutterers will never know the joy of living to even half their potential. They will always under-earn.   Disorganization has stolen your life. Changing your outside without changing your inside is only temporary.   You...

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Clutter Busters

Clutter Busters 612-293-9442 A service of Heupel’s Healing Hands, Inc.   Are you appalled by how your house looks? Are you angry at yourself? Are you angry at your partner for never straightening up his/her things? Feeling annoyed?...

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Conquer Your Clutter

Conquer Your Clutter Call/text Clutter Busters 651-362-0234 When is enough, enough? Things that were once important to you are no longer important to you at all. You have permission to change your mind. As we get older, those things that were of huge importance in our...

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Professional Organizing and Clutter Busting!

So, you wake up in the morning and look at your stuff. Do you feel frustrated with all your stuff and don’t know how to start cleaning out your clutter? When you walk in your house, your energy drops. You choose to spend time doing anything other than that which you...

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Clutter Buster

Clutter Buster   Are you dealing with a lot of clutter in your home and life? Feeling drained of your energy? Are you unhappy because you are physically, emotionally and/or spiritually bankrupt?   We have been trained for years that we “need” things to be happy. Is...

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Healing-on-Demand was launched because people are really busy. You may subscribe to healing-on-demand at my website We all know how busy our lives are. Between parents, children, running a house, having a career and running errands, many...

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