Live Your Life With Purpose and Meaning

Carl Jung talked about the morning and afternoon of life - which I am calling "Living Your Life with Purpose and Meaning." They are different between men and women. The morning of your life - the first part of your life when you are growing up and taking on the...

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Do you feel alive?

Are you living your dream? Have you lost your sense of your dream and your life dream? Read more for more information on how to move forward to reconnect with what your soul is speaking to you.

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Ladies, are you experiencing dissatisfaction in life?

You are a middle-aged woman, you’ve raised your children. You and your spouse are dealing with empty-nest syndrome. You are asking yourself, “What do I want to do with the rest of my life?” What do I want to create? Do you have a plan or are you on a quest for how to...

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Men’s Course is ready!

There is a man's crisis going on. There is an uncomfortable place men are finding themselves, the place where real transformation can happen, where spirituality can be nurtured and seen. In this brief video clip, I talk about the first thing that men concern...

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Course Coming Soon!

I have been led to expand on Dr. Wayne Dyer's "The Shift." In his movie and book he talks about the morning and afternoon of a person's life. Men and women are very different in their lists. Before the shift, men focus on: Wealth Adventure Achievement Pleasure Be...

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Shamanic healing at church

I had the opportunity to do a shamanic healing during church this past Sunday morning. A man came forward to get a healing and I asked him afterwards what he felt. He said, "I felt lighter." That was exactly what I wanted him to feel. With this type of healing I am...

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