Clutter Buster

Clutter Buster   Are you dealing with a lot of clutter in your home and life? Feeling drained of your energy? Are you unhappy because you are physically, emotionally and/or spiritually bankrupt?   We have been trained for years that we “need” things to be happy. Is...

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Healing-on-Demand was launched because people are really busy. You may subscribe to healing-on-demand at my website We all know how busy our lives are. Between parents, children, running a house, having a career and running errands, many...

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What is "Healing-On-Demand?" It's a series of videos that feature an element in nature. Nature is what you see when you are outside. The trees, the birds, the squirrels, water, etc. So, "healing-on-demand" takes one of these elements in nature, explains what it is and...

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The Shamanic Extraction Demonstrated

It's very non-invasive, non-judgmental, assists with all types of ailments and mindsets. Facilitates people who feel numb, apathetic, deadened, someone who has lost his/her way in life, alleviates chronic depression, immune system illnesses, chronic illness,...

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What is a Shamanic Extraction?

Great news! The second in a series of three videos has just been released! Check out why you need a shamanic extraction. We talk about soul loss which is a fragmented traumatized soul. Trauma can happen on several levels: rape, PTSD, sexual abuse, sexual orientation,...

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Shamanic Healing Presentation

Join me tonight at Ridgedale Lunds & Byerly's to learn more about Shamanic Healing: How It Can Heal You! We will be meeting in the community room from 7-9 tonight. This event is free and all are welcome to attend. If time allows, I will be doing no-cost healing.

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Chiropractor Visit

I went to the chiropractor today because I fell on the ice twice and made sure I didn't hit my head on the ice when I fell. I have been sore for a few days and finally decided it was time to make an appointment. Lucky for me, I could get in the same day I called to...

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2018 is the year for manifesting!

This is the year for manifesting. What is it that you want to manifest this year of 2018? Is it better health; better relationships; better stress relief, better family relationships, more money flowing into your life? Whatever it is, be intent upon that. You may need...

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