Heupel's Healing Hands


Rev. Teresa Heupel

Teresa Heupel was born and raised in the Midwest on a family farm that is now in its 5th generation of farming. When she was growing up, she had epileptic seizures, at age 27 she was fortunate to have a temporal lobectomy which corrected the problem. She has suffered from two strokes – one in the womb and one after surgery.

Teresa has earned two degrees. A Bachelor of Music in the music business and a Master of Divinity with Counseling Ministry. She is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ. She has served as a hospital chaplain, a crisis counselor, a grief counselor, has been a senior pastor and CEO of three different non-profit organizations. She has discovered that she has the ability to heal people by laying on hands. Everyone who has come for an appointment with Teresa has been healed in some way.

In the past, Teresa has worked with the Southern Baptist Convention and worked in accounting, budgeting and sending missionaries on long-term projects.

Teresa is a serial entrepreneur who has gone from teaching piano lessons to cooking 30-days worth of dinner meals in a day, to an insurance producer in 2008 when the economy tanked, to a real estate investor, sold real estate investing classes, and worked with multiple budgets where she had to make tough decisions. Teresa also has experience in investing in the stock market on her own through her brokerage account online.

She has sold Herbalife, Melaleuca, Real Estate Investing Education and is currently selling roofs to people who have suffered storm damage.

She has recently released a course called, “How to Live Your Life on Purpose and with Meaning from midlife onward.”

She is currently working on a book about her experience with having had epileptic seizures and giving people hope that there are ways to take care of the body without tons of drugs.

Teresa has been married twice. Once divorced and now widowed.

Teresa is a lifelong learner and not shy to try out new things as the time and finances allow. In her free time, she is learning the Russian language.

Her ultimate goal in life is to serve people to the best of her ability.

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